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How To Retake Your Prior Name If You Are Divorcing

Posted by Ted Hoppe | Aug 12, 2021 | 1 Comment

If you changed your name to your spouse's last name when you were married, Pennsylvania law allows you to retake your prior surname if you are getting divorced. This can be done any time after the divorce action is filed. 54 Pa. C.S. §704. The process is pretty simple. You complete a form called a Notice of Intention to Resume Prior Surname.  This form has to be notarized. The completed form is filed with the Office of the Prothonotary or Clerk where the divorce action was filed. Be sure to get a time stamped copy of the form. You can then use the filed copy of the form to have your name changed on your driver's license and anywhere else that has your married name that you are seeking to change. Tip - some places may require a certified copy of the form. When you file the form with the Court, ask for a certified copy. You can then make additional copies as needed. 

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