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Elder Law

Understanding Elder Law in Pennsylvania

Senior citizens and those making financial decisions for aging family members face complex concerns that lead to unintended legal consequences for the elderly and their loved ones. An experienced Christian attorney focusing on elder law in Pennsylvania can help you navigate the unique legal needs of those "golden years".

Pennsylvania elder law attorneys fight to protect your family's ongoing financial success as you age. As individuals enjoy longer lives, families are struggling with long-term care expenses. Care needs shift as we age, and the preparation of eldercare planning can be overwhelming. But the earlier you start planning with an estate lawyer in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, the more options will be available for your future care needs. I can help protect your assets and address your unique elder care needs and concerns.

Pennsylvania Elder Law Services Include:

  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Medicaid Crisis Planning
  • Guardianship
  • Special Needs Planning

An estate lawyer in Philadelphia and surrounding areas can assist clients in evaluating the options available for long-term care support and other elder law legal services. I help you understand the public benefit programs, including Medicaid and state-based programs, that may help cover care costs. Get advice on planning options available for asset and family protection and help to access benefits.

What is Long-Term Care Planning in Pennsylvania?

Long-term care planning is a legal strategy that helps aging Americans plan for the high cost of different health care services as they age. Proper long-term care planning helps avoid the worry and drain that the cost of Pennsylvania health care will have on the savings and hard-earned assets you may have planned to pass down to your family.

Long-term care is designed to meet health needs for an extended time. These services help aging Americans live as independently and safely as possible when they can no longer perform everyday tasks and activities on their own.

What is Medicaid Planning in Pennsylvania?

Medicaid is a federal and state program, and the rules vary from state to state. If you reside in Pennsylvania and need Medicaid, then Pennsylvania's Medicaid rules apply. You can benefit significantly from the expertise of a Pennsylvania elder law attorney, like L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr., Esquire — Attorney at Law, who understands the specific Medicaid qualification, application, and approval processes.

Medicaid planning can be a complicated and confusing process. Pennsylvania Medicaid can be a massive benefit towards protecting your assets, especially if you require nursing home care or in-home care. I can assist you with Medicaid eligibility while protecting your hard-earned assets from being depleted by the cost of care.

The Pennsylvania annual median cost of care in 2023 can range from $63,111 for in-home care to $142,035 for a private room in a nursing home.

Without the aid of Medicaid, the cost of a Pennsylvania nursing home can wipe out your family's savings, retirement funds, and an inheritance for your loved ones. At our Media, PA, law firm, I can help you protect your life savings from being spent down to pay for long-term care in Pennsylvania. No matter your situation, an estate lawyer in Philadelphia and surrounding areas can help you develop a plan that protects your assets from the financial burdens of expensive health care options.

What is Medicaid Crisis Planning in Pennsylvania?

Planning for Medicaid before you or a loved one needs care is the most proactive way to save your assets from the cost of long-term care, but that is not always the case. Suppose you or a loved one are already in a nursing home facility in Pennsylvania or require immediate in-home care. In that case, you'll need Medicaid crisis planning from an elder law attorney in Pennsylvania. Applying for Medicaid benefits to cover specific care needs is complex and stressful, especially when trying to focus on a loved one's health and wellness. As a Pennsylvania Medicaid crisis planning attorney, L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr., Esquire — Attorney at Law can help you navigate the crisis planning process allowing you to focus on supporting your loved ones.

What is Adult Guardianship in Pennsylvania?

Guardianship for adults is a legal process used to protect individuals who can't care for their well-being due to a mental or physical disability. Guardianship for an elderly adult is court-appointed, and the guardian is given specific duties and responsibilities to the elderly person. Search for “guardianship lawyer near me” to locate nearby lawyers, or reach out to L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr., Esquire — Attorney at Law, for help navigating the guardianship process in Pennsylvania.

What is Special Needs Planning in Pennsylvania?

Special needs planning is the legal process to protect any person or family member with a disability. Disabilities can be diagnosed at birth, occur in adulthood, or be caused by illness or injury. Special needs planning can start at any point in life. However, the earlier planning can occur, the better. Planning as soon as possible can ensure significant government benefits aren't jeopardized for your loved one with special needs.

The legal strategies you should consider with special needs planning include:

  • Establishing a special needs trust
  • Appointing guardianship
  • Creating a letter of intent

Why Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney in Pennsylvania?

There is a difference between estate law and elder law in Pennsylvania. Estate law focuses on your asset distribution in a tax-advantaged manner after your death, while elder law seeks to preserve your money, assets, and income for your benefit and care while you are still alive. However, it's not unusual for elder law strategies to involve estate and tax planning. A Pennsylvania elder law firm will also have unique, in-depth insight regarding the rights of senior citizens.

At L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr., Esquire — Attorney at Law, we've offered estate planning, elder law, family law, and business law to help people prepare for accidents, illnesses, or death for over 30 years. Contact our estate planning law firm if you need an elder law attorney or guardianship lawyer in Media, Pennsylvania. I serve clients in Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Berks, and Bucks counties and cities, including Philadelphia, Media, Norristown, and West Chester.

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