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Estate Planning

Posted by Ted Hoppe | Apr 11, 2020 | 0 Comments

Looking for something productive to do while you are quarantined?  You might consider creating or updating your will.  Wills make things easier for the people you care about since Wills make your desires known.

Do you have a Will?

  1. If not, contact me for an easy questionnaire form to get started!
  2. If so, great start!  Let's review.
    1. Have there been any life changes – births, deaths, marriages, divorces and the like?
    2. If you have named a guardian for your minor children, is the guardian still available?
    3. Are your gifts the way that you want them to be?
    4. Is your Executor/Executrix/Agent still available?
    5. Are you children of a mature age where they would be ready to manage funds? If not, does a trust fund make sense?

Are your beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries of your Life Insurance policies, Retirement Plans, etc. still correct and available?

Also, it is a good idea to make a folder containing all of your important documents and financial information and keep it in a safe but accessible location where your Spouse/Executor/Agent can find in the event it would be needed.  The information in this folder should be reviewed each year and updated if necessary.

Contact me with your questions!  I would be glad to help!

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