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Ted Hoppe was an answer to prayer!

Ted Hoppe was an answer to prayer! He was everything we were looking for to help us in our situation; a Christian man specializing in both homeschooling and custody cases. I truly appreciated Ted and his secretary, Billie, in how they treated me like a real person and really seemed to want to help in a genuine way; not to just “win the case”, but to improve our situation and our lives for our family in the long run. One thing that stuck out to me is that Ted would not just make decisions for me (like many lawyers do), but would ask what I thought of the different aspects of our case and his ideas and thoughts about some solutions. He was also very knowledgeable in the law of custody and homeschooling, but even when he didn't fully understand something, he would look further into it using reputable resources and get the answers we needed. I was also blessed by the fact that he was willing to drive to our area to help us even when we were about two hours away, and he arrived early each time and was fully prepared. Ted was precise and to the point with the matters at hand in order to avoid time-wasting and money-wasting. I appreciated Ted's gentle, but firm handle on things in the court room and his persistence and success in getting the judge to hear more when she was ready to be done. The Lord granted us the victory in our custody case and also in our homeschool trial. We thank God for sending Ted Hoppe to help us and defend our case.

My daughter, Cassidy (15), who was the child in the middle of our messy situation, said that she thought Ted seemed like he really cared about her and our family and that he was very generous with how he helped us.

Overall, it was a delight to work with Ted and he was a true blessing to our family.

– Jody Marie Turnbaugh

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