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Ted Hoppe is exactly what you want in a family law attorney. He is fair and honest and has no fear about
telling his clients the truth, even if it's not what they want to hear. His staff is friendly, sympathetic and
caring. I've been working with Ted in my divorce and custody case for over two years. He has treated us
like we are part of his family, been available at all hours for emergencies and has kept my child's
interests as a priority. He hasn't forgotten a single detail about my case and has been there when we
needed him. His focus, legal expertise and knowledge of the judges and courts makes him invaluable.
One thing I really like about Ted Hoppe, versus other attorneys, is he truly listens. Not just to his clients,
but to the judges, to the other attorneys, and has this uncanny ability to cut through everything down to
the issues at hand.

– J.P.

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L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr., Esquire, Attorney at Law is an attorney you can trust to answer your questions, advise you on your rights, help you take the steps necessary to get the situation successfully resolved and if need be, to aggressively defend your rights in court.

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